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Introduction of Ningxia

Release time:2015-07-20 10:43:19



Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, called “Ning” for short, is China’s only provincial-level Hui


Autonomous Region. It was established on October 25, 1958. It covers a total area of 66,400


square kilometers; it has jurisdiction over 5 prefecture-level cities, namely, Yinchuan, Shizuishan,


Wuzhong, Guyuan and Zhongwei, with 22 counties (including cities and districts); the total


population was 6.6154 million at the end of 2014, including 2.3614 million people of Hui nationality. 


In recent years, steady progress has been made in Ningxia Economic Zone Along the Yellow River


and urban infrastructure construction, three major industrial belts, ten major industrial bases, nine


major logistics parks construction and urban integration featuring integration and core zone.


Regional economic growth pole of “Bank, Belt and Region ” integration is being taking shape,


with significant brand effect of “golden bank of Yellow River.”


It is Ningxia’s new goals for development to build an“open, prosperous, harmonious and beautiful


Ningxia”in an all-round way .

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