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Advantages for Development

Release time:2015-07-20 10:58:09

Geological advantages: Ningxia, located in new Euro-Asia Continental Bridge, is at the central
position linking the west and east, and connecting the south and north, thus, Ningxia enjoys
obvious geological advantage. Ningxia, China’s largest populous community of Hui nationality,
is called as “China’s Muslim Province”. Ningxia Economic Zone Along the Yellow River is among
China’ 18 key development zones, and Ningdong Energy-Chemical Base is brought into China’s
main functional area. China-Arab States Expo builds up a platform for promoting China-Arab
States economic and trade cooperation and opening a channel for opening to the west. 
Energy Advantages: The proven coal reserves in Ningxia are over 31.0 billion tons, ranking the 6th
in China. Ningxia is a national-level coal base, coal chemical industry base, thermal power base
of “West-East Electricity Transmission Project” and demonstration area for circular economy.
The wind energy reserves in Ningxia are 22.53million kilowatt and 17.50 million kilowatt solar
power which can be developed. Thus, Ningxia is a suitable region for developing wind power
and solar power.
Agriculture Advantages: Ningxia, with agriculture advantages, such as, convenient Yellow River
irrigation and good light & heat condition, has been known as “A Land Enriched by the Yellow
River.” Ningxia, with per capita arable land ranking the third, is among China’s four major gravity
irrigation areas, ten best pastures and twelve production bases of commodity grain. It is selected
by the State Council as a demonstration zone in terms of modern agriculture, water-saving and
dry-land farming and ecological agriculture.
Tourism Advantages: Ningxia is endowed with a number of natural and cultural heritages, including
“Two Mountains One River”(Helan Mountain, Liupan Mountain and Yellow River), “Two Sha and
One Mausoleum”(Shahu Lake, Shapotou Scenic Spot and Xixia Imperial Mausoleum), “Two Bu
and One Wall”(Jiangtaibu, Zhenbeibu and Ancient Great Wall), “Two Cultures and One Landscape
”(Xixia Culture, Muslim Culture of Hui Nationality and Landscape of An Oasis of Hinterland)
Policy Advantages: Ningxia was approved by the State Council to establish Ningxia Inland
Opening-up Economic Pilot Zone and Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Ningxia was
encouraged to have first try and implement flexible opening-up policies by enjoying policies in
terms of fiscal and taxation policy, financial policy, land policy and other policies. 
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