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Energy Industry

Release time:2015-07-21 16:02:07



 Coal Industry


The construction of modernization mines with high production and efficiency will be speeded


up in accordance with the principle of high starting point and large scale. The level of coal mines


equipment modernization , system automation and management informatization will be constantly


improved.  Efforts to the exploration and development of coal resources will be intensified. On the


basis of renovating current coal mines, priority will be given to the construction large and ultra-large


modernization coal mines. Priority will be given to the construction of large coal base in Ningdong,


forming large coal business groups with comparatively competitive strength, so as to provide


adequate coal for industrial development such as Ningxia coal chemical base and electricity base. 


Electricity Industry


Priority will be given to the development of thermal power. Water and electricity will be optimized


and improved. The development of wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, coal


bed methane, methane and other new energy will be accelerated. Priority will be given to the


development of supercritical and ultra-supercritical large air cooling units. Active efforts will be


made to the development of power plants and cogeneration in compliance with national industrial


policies, through the construction of over 600,000 kilowatt or larger air cooling units with high


efficiency, low consumption and environmental friendliness.


New Energy Industry


Priority will be given to the development of wind power, solar power and photovoltaic power


generation, methane power generation and biomass power generation. Development of coal


bed methane and clean utilization of coal will be actively advanced. Priority will be given to the


development of Helanshan wind power plant, Taiyangshan wind power plant, Shizuishan


photovoltaic power station. Priority will be given to the expansion projects of coal bed methane


power generation in Shizuishan and Rujigou diggings.

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