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New Materials Industry and Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Release time:2015-07-22 09:48:10




A development pattern of new materials featuring “One Belt, Three Areas and Multiple Parks”


will be build up and “Shizuishan-Qingtongxia-Taiyangshan” industrial belt for new materials will


be established, by giving full play to national industrial demonstration base for metal new


materials and influence on the whole region. Priority will be given to the development of rare


metal materials including Tantalum, Niobium, Beryllium and Titanium and their deep processing,


light metal materials like aluminum magnesium alloy and their deep processing, as well as


carbon-based materials, photovoltaic materials, lithium materials and micro alloyed steel furnace.


By doing so, the technological content of industry will be improved and the products-added value


will be increased. 


Priority will be given to the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industries, in terms


of coal mining machinery, numerical control machine tool, automation equipment, bearing, wind


power equipment, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, large casting, rail transit


transformer and smart grid. “Shizuishan-Yinchuan-Wuzhong” industrial belt for equipment


manufacturing will be built up actively. Key projects will be advanced, including power generation


equipment for new energy of Yinxing Energy Co., Ltd, coal mine hydraulic equipment of Tiandi


Ningxia Supporting Equipment Co., Ltd, production of solar-thermal products of Beijing Tianruixing


Solar Thermal Technology Co., Ltd, manufacturing of petrochemical mechanical equipment of


Yinchuan Baota Petrochemical Machinery Manufacturing Co,. Ltd, high voltage electrical


construction of Ningxia Licheng Electrical Group. Rapid growth will be made for those leading


enterprises including YINXING Energy Co,. Ltd, Little Giant Machine Tool Co., Ltd, KOCEL


Group Limited, and Ningxia Tiandi Benniu Industrial Group Co,. Ltd, so as to further improve


equipment supporting and professional level, and promote the formation of industrial cluster. 

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