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Featured Agriculture and Sideline Products Processing Industry

Release time:2015-07-22 09:59:00



The development of local industries with distinctive features will be accelerated, including


cashmere, Chinese wolfberry, wine, potato starch, halal food and Muslim commodities.


The scale of those industries will be expanded rapidly and competitive advantages will be


further consolidated,  so as to make them as the important industries that drive the industry


economic growth for the whole region. In terms of the cashmere industry, priority will be


given to the development of deep processing of cashmere. Enterprises will be encouraged


to vigorously develop end-products. Self-owned products, such as Rongdian, Lingzhoouxue


and Feiluosuo, will be cultivated actively. Domestic and international markets will be expanded,


so as to build a national top and world famous  base for cashmere deep processing. In terms


of wolfberry industry, brand advantage will be brought into full play, planting area will be expanded


and processing efficiency will be improved, so as to further improve market share and brand


influence of wolfberry products.. By doing so, products like “Ningxia Hong” , “Qinong” and other


original wolfberry products will be built as national or even international renowned brand. In terms


of potato starch industry, resources will be vigorously integrated and leading enterprises will be


cultivated. Modified starch projects and polymer degradation production technology will be


introduced, so as to build Guyuan as China’s important base for potato planting and breeding


and base for potato starch production and processing. In terms of halal products industry,


priority will be given to the development of halal food including beef and mutton, dairy products,


seasoning products, healthcare products and Muslim commodities in terms of hair ornaments,


daily necessities and craft souvenirs. By relying on Wuzhong Jinji Industrial Park—National


Halal Industry Demonstration Base, related industries in the region will be developed. Scale


of the industry will be expanded, industrial chains will be extended, reputation will be improved


and market share will be increased. By doing so, halal products processing industry will be


developed towards a direction featuring industrialization, intensification, professionalization


and large scale production. Ningxia will be built as a world famous industrial base for halal


food and Muslim commodities.

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