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High & New Technology Industry

Release time:2015-07-22 10:04:13




Priority will be given to the development of software, information service and electronics


manufacturing industries. With Ningxia Software and Animation Park and by taking the


approach of internal introduction and external contact, a group of software backbone


enterprises will be selected, supported with priority and cultivated. A software industry


cluster will be formed by intensifying the efforts to the development of software products


with market competitiveness, and continuously expanding the scale of the industry.


Information service industry will be developed actively and steady progress will be made


in online-added services. Development of online service industry, with e-government affairs,


e-commerce, logistics service, remote education, remote medical treatment, culture and


entertainment, news and sports as the main body,   will be accelerated. The development


of computer application service, with system design, hardware equipment, software platform,


development of information resources, games and animation as the main body, will be speeded


up. Electronics manufacturing industry should be relied on silicon project and tantalum (aluminum)


capacitor project completed in Ningxia, so as to promote Ningxia electron component develop


towards the direction featuring chip, miniaturization, compound, integration, high efficiency and


high performances.

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