Address:Yinchuan, Ningxia ,China

Time:September 6-9,2017

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Ring the Alarm Bell, Host the Expo with Honesty and Integrity Staff of China-Arab States Expo Receive Warning Education

In order to continue to raise the awareness of the staff of the Second China-Arab States Expo with honesty and integrity and voluntarily implement the work requirements for the preparation of the Expo of “pragmatism, frugality and efficiency”, in the morning of July 23, the Executive Office of China-Arab States Expo worked with Discipline Inspection Group accredited by the Discipline Inspection Commission of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region to the Department of Commerce to organize more than one hundred staff from the Department of Commerce, the Bureau of Expo Affairs and the exposition company who are now devoted to the preparation of the Expo to visit the warning education base of the autonomous region to receive the warning education.  
With the explanation and guidance of the instructor, all the staff visited the “Decision-making Section”, “Legal System Section”, “Integrity Section”, “Warning Section”, “Learning for Future Section” and “Uncorrupted Examples in Frontier”. A large quantity of intuitive images and video materials have demonstrated the course of combating against corruption by the Communist Party of China in an all-round way, popularized the deeds of the diligent and upright role models and warned of the harm of corruption to the country and the people, which has given a shocking and mind-blowing lesson to all the visitors. They thought that the 90-minute warning education was a major examination and rectification of the shortcomings in terms of their own thoughts and was of great warning significant for them to increase their awareness to host the Expo in a honest and upright way and build a strong defense in thought so as to implement the work requirement for the preparation of the Expo featuring “pragmatism, frugality and efficiency”. All the staff expressed that through the participation in and reflection on the warning education event, they shall figure out the correlations among “politics, economy, reputation, family, family affection, freedom and health” and shall do a good job in “starting the career as an upright and honest person, maintaining integrity while alone, destroying evils before they become menacing, using the power at hand carefully, keeping an alert to one’s own fondness and hobbies and being mindful of protecting the integrity even as an outgoing official”, keep a reverent and sober mind at all times and embody the work requirements and discipline of the expo with their own actions, so as to make practical contributions to build this Expo into a upright and honest event.