Address:Yinchuan, Ningxia ,China

Time:September 6-9,2017

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China-Arab States Expo——Carry forward the Spirit of the Silk Road

China-Arab States Expo, approved by the Chinese government, is an international economic and trade event at the national-level which is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People's Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and organized by the People's Government of Ningxia.

Brief Introduction to Main Activities

Opening Ceremony

The leaders of the sponsors deliver welcome speeches; leader of China and other countries deliver keynote speeches on China-Arab and international economic & trade cooperation.

Serial Activities of Guest Country of Honor (Egypt)

Exhibit and display Egyptian economic and social development, commodities and tourism; promote, negotiate and sign agreements on trade and investment policies as well as cooperation projects.

Serial Activities of Theme Province (Fujian)

Exhibit and display Fujian famous and featured commodities; promote and negotiate on trade and investment projects.

China-Arab States Business Summit 2017 & the 7th Session of the Arab-Chinese Businessmen Conference of China-Arab States Cooperation Forum

Deliver speeches on the development of economic and trade relations  between China and the Arab states and on further strengtherning trade and investment cooperation; hold seminars focusing on China-Arab investment policy alignment and enviromnetal optimization, infrastructure and cooperation in production capacity, industrialization and scientific & technological innovation and on enhancing the level of China-Ara trade; at the same time, organize specific project negotiations and signing activities.

International Comprehensive Exhibition

It will exhibit featured products, superior industry, trade and investment projects and achievements in Arab states, counries in Southeast Asia as well as countries and regions along "Belt and Road". The exhibition zone covers an area 8,500 square meters, including Halal food and articles household and wears, daily essentials, featured arts and crafts, high-tech products, trade and investment projects and achievements etc.

China-Arab States Agricultural Cooperation Forum & Modern Agriculture Exhibition 2017

Invite senior agricultural official, experts and enterprises from countries along the "Belt & Road" to jointly discuss the establishment of China-Arab States agricultural mechanism, set up overseas branches of China-Arab States Center for Agricultural Technology Transfer todevelop green and scientific agricultural cooperation. Meanwhile, hold exhibitions and displays on achievements of feature agricultural industries, application of agricultural information technologies, agricultural mechannical equipment geared to countries along the "Belt and Road" new species and new technologies of grapes and Goji berry industries and protected horticulture.

China-Arab States Auto Cooperation Session & Chinese Auto Brand Exhibition 2017

On the exhibition, it will exhibit high-tech products on automobile with independent intellectual property right owned by China. On the exhibition, the products and achievements of famoous Chinese auto brand like Geely, FAW, BAIC, Chang'an, Chery and Changcheng will be displayed. The under the best wish of going global and emerging in international stage, the exhibition of China auto brand will promote the mutual cooperation in automobile industry and market.

China-Arab States International Logistics Cooperation Fair 2017

Discuss ways and necessity for establishing and open channel in Ningxia; study measures and feasibility of promoting aviation and railway cooperation between Ningxia and countries in Central Asia and West Asia; discuss policies and supporting conditions for advancing cooperation in international logistics between Ningxia and countries in Central Asia and West Asia.

China-Arab States Expo Credit Forum 2017

Introduce the credit status of countris along the "Belt and road", discuss sovereign credit index, innovate the credit evaluation system and standards, develop the credit industrial chain, and provide small and medium-sized enterprises with innovative finnancial services based on the credit insurance.

China-Arab States Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation Conference & High-tech and Equipment Exhibition 2017

Introduce the technical cooperation needs of the Arab states and discuss cooperation in China-Arab technological innovation; organize exhibition, roadshow, promotion and alignment of high technologies and scientific & technological achievements in the fields of aerospace, high-speed rail, new energy, nuclear energy and intelligent manufacturing; discuss the establishment of technology transfer center in the Arab states, promote the signing of agreements on scientific & technological cooperation and key cooperation projects between China and Arab states.

Online Silk Road Conference 2017 & Cloud Computing andBig Data Application Exhibition

Carry out discussion, visit & exchangee and project signing centering on co-construction of Online Silk Road between China and Arab states, informationzation development, internet new technologies and new applications, e-commerce, digital economy, Internet plus, smart cities, cloud computing and big data, etc. Invite renowned enterprises at home and abroad to exhibit their latest development achievements and applications in the fields of internet and cloud computing & big data in Ningxia, including driverless cars, virtual reality, 5G technology, smart cities, etc., thus to promote China-Arab States Online Silk Road Pilot Economic Zone and the building of Ningxia Key Control Project.

China-Arab States International Capacity Cooperation Forum & Infrastructure and Capacity Cooperation Exhibition 2017

Introduce construction achievements of China-Arab contracting projects; display key areas of cooperation, model enterprises and technical strength, with key areas of cooperation including China's transportation, high-speed railway, water conservancy and electric power, electronic communications, petrochemical industry, machinery and equipment, industry, civil building materials and industry, civil building materials and industrial park; promote the industrial planning and specific implementation projects in countries along the "Blet and Road"; interpret financial and other suppoert policies for Chinese enterprises to "go out"; discuss international capacity cooperation and industrial parks constructed by Chinese side in countries along the "Belt and Road", so as to promote Chinese enterprises with production capacity, technology and price advantage to invest in countries along the "Belt and Road" with Arab states included.

China-Anih Staler Workshop on High-Speed Railway 2017

Introduce the development history of China's high-speed railway and the status quo of rail transport of Arab states: exhibit high aod new technologies of China's high-speed railway industry including its infrastructure, mechanical & electrical equipment and vehicles; promote products and technological achievements of relevant enterprises; further advance the standards of China's high-speed railway to go oul so as to facilitate mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Arab states in the field of rail transport.

China-Arab States Tour Operators Conference 2017

Introduce and discuss China-Arab tourism cooperation so as to promote China-Arab development in becoming mutual tourism destinations; display and promote tourism resources and products, make an inspection tour in tourism with distinctive features including Ningxia leisure, featured streets, ancient lov^Tis and creative industries; promote and attract investment for tourism development cooperation projects; negotiate and sign agreements on sending more tourists from travel agencies to each other and cooperation in tourism product development.


-State and government leaders from China, Arab states and other countries along the "BeIt and Road"
-Officials including ministers of competent government authorities of trade, industry, infrastruciurc, energy, science & technology informatioo,
agricultua- and tourism fh)m China, Egypt and other Arab stales
-Corporate executives in the fields of industry, trade, investment and finance, tourism, science ami technology from of china as well as provinces and
cities. Arab states and other countries along the "Belt and Road"
- Research and academic institulions
-Think tanks and advisory bodies

Key Areas of Cooperation
- Policies and initiatives for advancing the "Belt and Road" construction
- Key areas of cooperation and investment environment of China and Arab states.
- Infrastructure construction
- Equipment manufacturing
- Hi-tech and informatization
- Finance
- Logistics and industrial parks
- New energy
- E-commerce
- Modern agriculture
- Tourism