Address:Yinchuan, Ningxia ,China

Time:September 6-9,2017

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CCPIT Vice Chairman Wang Jinzhen attended 2017 China-Arab States Expo Organizing Committee Meeting

      The Organizing Committee Meeting for the 2017 China-Arab States Expo was held in Beijing on June 2, at which CCPIT Vice Chairman Wang Jinzhen briefed on the preparation of the Expo as well as the China-Arab States Business Summit and the 7th Session of the Arab Chinese Businessmen Conference.


   “CCPIT regarded the Expo as an important platform for trade and investment promotion for Arab states. Three proposals have been made for the preparation of the Expo. First, we will foster China-Arab top-level dialogues and policy coordination for the countries along the “Belt and Road” routes. Second, we will promote China-Arab business cooperation to enable more Chinese products and Chinese services to get access to Arab states and across the world through Ningxia Province. Third, we will create a better image for Ningxia Province at the international arena so that more Arab states and other countries will have a better understanding of Ningxia,” said Wang Jinzhen.

     The 2017 China-Arab States Expo is scheduled from September 6 to 9 in Yinchuan, capital of Ningxia Province in western China.