Address:Yinchuan, Ningxia ,China

Time:September 6-9,2017

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Executive Committee Office Holds Special Meeting on Seamless Matchmaking for Efficient Coordination and Solutions of Key Issues

Release time:2015-08-24 09:06:28

On the morning of August 14 2015, Wang Jing, the Director-General of Ningxia Expo Bureau, held a special meeting to solve key issues during the preparatory work through efficient coordination in order to implement instructions of Wang Heshan, the Vice Governor of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of China-Arab States Expo. Relevant officials from Comprehensive Coordination Division, Safety and Security Division, Reception Division (Two), Convention and Exhibition Division of Executive Committee as well as that of departments in charge of ‘1+6+4’ major events and other 11 activities attended the meeting.
At the meeting, relevant officials from Foreign Affairs Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Safety and Security Division as well as Convention and Exhibition Division have successively made introduction and notification for general information about matters needing attention and specific requirements about guest reception, safety and security, venue requirements, project signing and interpretation (translations) etc. The event organizer has carried out docking with related work departments, and units on specific security items and the approval and report of foreign reception. During this process, they checked venues organized for each event and the specific schedule, confirmed the management to conference certificates and flags, as well as the requirements to reception cars management and service, and stated the scope of courteous reception to key guests and matters needing attention as meeting leaders, thus effectively solving some specific affairs and key issues through docking and coordination. 
The meeting stressed that the Expo event has entered the countdown stage with arduous tasks and tight time schedule, especially the severe and complicated security situation at present. Hence, in order to ensure the meeting goes off successfully, first, the responsibilities mechanism of organizer in charge shall be insisted and the security responsibility must be implemented resolutely. As the first person responsible, organizer for each event shall implement security entity responsibility, make preparations of security check facilities for venue, assembly room, airport and vehicles as soon as possible, report event planning for approval, the number of guests and flight time to Foreign Affairs Office and safety and security dept in advance, with strict precautions against related meeting documents for orderly security work; Second, set the tone of negotiation and cooperation, thus to form the normalization mechanism in long term cooperation. All organizers shall not only implement the specific content and investment docking discussion for “164” framework event and other 11 activities, also pay adequate attention to follow-up practice after meeting, make plan to 2016 “ going out” issue with specific work program, thus to strengthen actual effect of cooperation; Third, organize specialized knowledge training for reception to improve reception service level. The Foreign Affairs Office shall, jointly with Reception Division (II) and units concerned, carry out special training classes for hostess and etiquette to guests, car drivers for reception and Arabic language, which would give explanation to reception scheme, work book as well as the norms about concierge service and driver etiquette etc; fourth, operate official businesses in concentrated manner so as to boost the implementation of various tasks in well-ordered way. As arranged by the Executive Committee of the Expo, all work departments of Executive Committee, organizers of events shall work at the level 16 of the Expo Bureau building from August 19, to ensure orderly and efficient implementation of all preparations.