Address:Yinchuan, Ningxia ,China

Time:September 6-9,2017

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              Ningxia International Hall

Meeting in Ningxia and synchronizing with world


Conference and exhibition Center, City Commercial Label

Ningxia International Hall, located in the Center Business District , Jinfeng district, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Provence, where the south near the china-arab axis, north next to the mountain park road, east from Qinshui Street,west to Yuehai Lake, is a landmark in Ningxia, with a total construction area of 77600 ㎡. It can undertake meetings, exhibitions, banquets, contests, concerts, carnival, conferences and other activities, which is one of the most advanced professional venues in Yinchuan.

Meeting Area

It can undertake different trpes and specifications of conference activities in large、medium and small scale. The biggest activities are 4500 people conference activities. Meet with 48 paralles sessions each in braring of 70-600 people.

Exhibition Area

The exhibition area is 80,000㎡, indoor exhibition area is 20,000㎡, the outdoor exhibition area is 60,000㎡.


specialty catering

banquets with eastern or western theme


Cocktail Party

Business Suit Box Meals

Booth Delivery

Tea Break

Convenient Transportation, Meeting the Global

Yinchuan has formed a three-dimensional transportation network covering highway, railway, and aviation.

Highway---6 national roads and 4 provincial roads crossing the territory. The highways from Yinchuan to Qingdao and Dandong to Lhasa go through Yinchuan.

Railway—Baotou-Lanzhou railway and Yinchuan-Taiyuan railway make Yinchuan would easily reach the large cities in China, the high speed train between Yinchuan and Xi’an which is under construction will further strengthen the city transportation.

Aviation - Yinchuan Hedong airport has opened more than 40 routes like to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou etc.