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Xi jinping met with Arab league secretary general than Allah

   (Source: China)

January 21, President xi jinping met with secretary-general of the league of Arab states in Cairo than Allah. The xinhua news agency reporters JuPengShe

21, President xi jinping met with secretary-general of the league of Arab states in Cairo than Allah.

Xi jinping pointed out that this year is the 60th anniversary of the inauguration of diplomatic ties between China and Arab countries. Over the past 60 years, bilateral relations to realize leap-forward development, friendly cooperation in all areas with fruitful results. The Arab world of the Arab league is an important regional organization, so as to realize the national independence, through unity unremitting efforts, in regional and international affairs play a unique influence and role. China is ready to strengthen friendly relations with the Arab league, the league of Arab states continue to play a leading role in promoting china-arab friendship.

Xi stressed that the Chinese nation in the process of the pursuit of national independence and national development to understand each other and support each other all the time. China firmly supports the just cause of Arab countries, and for a long time to support Arab unity, self-reliance, independent solve the problem areas. The two sides to passing on china-arab traditional friendship, enhance political mutual trust, strengthen coordination on major international and regional issue. "Area" all the way to the cooperative project, and build a mutually beneficial and win-win friendly relations of cooperation. Depends on china-arab cooperation BBS, deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields, make the china-arab cooperation to rise to a new level.

Allah said, welcomed jinping, chairman of the Arab league headquarters. China has always stood in developing countries, has been supporting developing countries. Thanks to China's to the Arab cause all Arab countries especially the support of the Palestinian cause. Arab countries attaches great importance to and appreciates the 60 anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations in the open published policy document for Arab countries, China in political, economic, and so on various areas in close cooperation with China on international and regional issues, give full play to their role as the china-arab cooperation BBS, promote our Shared interests.

Wang huning, chestnut gauntlet, Yang attended the meeting.