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Xi jinping met with Egyptian speaker ali

(Source: China Economic Net)

January 21, President xi jinping met in Cairo Egypt speaker ali. The xinhua news agency reporters RaoAiMin perturbation

Cairo January 21 (xinhua) 21, President xi jinping met in Cairo Egypt speaker ali.

Xi jinping pointed out that the establishment of china-egypt diplomatic ties 60 years, the two countries have always respected each other and support each other, the two people's friendship has stood the test of time, is even stronger than before. China always view and promote the bilateral relations from a strategic height, hope to the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between both sides for the new starting point, to deepen political mutual trust and promote practical cooperation, enhance cultural exchanges and work together to promote the comprehensive strategic partnership to get new development. China is ready to work with Egypt to strengthen high-level visits, to maintain and expand the government, legislative bodies, political parties, people's organizations exchanges and cooperation, deepen coordination and cooperation in international affairs. Hope that the two sides to strengthen the construction of "area" all the way with Egyptian national development strategy, promote production, infrastructure construction, investment and financing, transportation, energy, science and technology, culture, education, cultural, tourism, exchanges and cooperation in areas such as safety, enhance bilateral relations.

Xi stressed that the new Egyptian parliament, marked the Egyptian political transition smoothly. Believe that the Egyptian people will be able to realize national stability, prosperity and development and make greater contributions to maintain regional peace and stability. China's National People's Congress (NPC) with Egyptian parliament has a traditional friendly exchanges, the two sides should conduct exchanges and cooperation, in order to promote a positive contribution to the development of china-egypt relations.

Mr Ali said, welcomed jinping chairman visit to Egypt and the Egyptian parliament. Egypt and China are ancient civilizations, the traditional friendship between the two countries is even stronger than before. The Ethiopian side appreciated China's development achievements and important and positive role in international affairs. Parliaments in Egypt, maintain good communication with China's National People's Congress (NPC) Egypt's parliament is ready to strengthen communication mechanisms, deepen exchanges and cooperation and jointly contribute to develop the relationship.

Wang huning, chestnut gauntlet, Yang attended the meeting.