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Time:September 6-9,2017

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"Open China: from ningxia to the world" global promotion activities held in Beijing

(From: the autonomous regional people's government website)

Foreign minister wang yi in the "open China: from ningxia to the world," provincial global promotion, the first recommendation, said at the meeting today is "the ningxia day" of the ministry of foreign affairs.

Autonomous region party committee secretary, director of the National People's Congress standing committee,Li Jianhua said at the national strategy of "area", ningxia historic to stand in the forefront of the open.

Autonomous region Governor Li Hui  to promote ningxia "livable, appropriate, appropriate, appropriate swim, should be a" five characteristics, sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to the ningxia tourism, investment, communication and cooperation.

On March 2, "open Chinese: from ningxia to the world," the ministry of foreign affairs provincial global promotion, standing room-only south tower blue hall in the ministry of foreign affairs. Foreign minister wang yi, the autonomous region party committee secretary, director of the National People's Congress standing committee colton gave speeches, chairman of the autonomous region Emily as a theme to promote.

Wang yi said in a speech at first, today is "the ningxia day" of the ministry of foreign affairs, blue room plays, act in an opera in ningxia, first provincial ministry of foreign affairs held promotional activities around the world, is a service domestic development, new measures to strengthen sino-foreign cooperation.

Wang yi stressed that we held promotional activities, the first is to make good service for national development. China is still a developing country, development is our party's top priority in governing and rejuvenating the country. In order to speed up the development, achieving the goal of build a well-off society in an all-round way, to realize the national rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, the foreign ministry to create a better external environment for the development, create more external resources. The second is to create the conditions for local open. Is the development and progress of China's reform and opening up "magic weapon", as the implementation of the "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", China's open door will be more and more big, the pace of opening will be faster and faster. If in the past few decades is the vanguard in China to open the southeast coastal areas, so as the chairman xi advocated to build "area" comprehensive advancement, in the central and western regions is becoming the new frontier of opening to the outside world. The ministry of foreign affairs are willing to use their own advantages and resources, especially for China in the central and western regions of opening to the outside world, to make our contribution. The third is in China to understand China's national conditions to build the platform. China's land is a large country, and profound civilization, five thousand provincial has its own customs, advantages and development plan, the various countries' diplomatic envoys of important mission is to understand the actual situation of China, the development of China's various provinces. Foreign ministry set up the platform to help countries ambassadors with zero distance contact provincial local governments and enterprises, to carry on the docking, looking for business opportunities, expand cooperation.

Wang said, ningxia is a very distinctive in the Midwest China, clear conscience "fortress jiangnan" reputation. As the "area" of the construction of the comprehensive advancement, ningxia has become China's opening to the outside world today a new name card. Ningxia of bilateral economic and trade, BBS and china-arab fair has become an important platform for the construction of "area". Hope to with ningxia excellencies and national enterprise to carry out more exchanges and cooperation. As the activities of the follow-up, we will also organize excellencies and media friends to an on-the-spot investigation in ningxia.

Autonomous region party secretary li jh during a speech to thank excellencies, distinguished guests and the Chinese and foreign media. Xi jinping, he says, the chairman "area" initiative, caused the countries along the silk road wide resonance and positive response. Earlier this year, xi jinping, chairman of the visit to the Middle East, the three countries on china-arab build "area" mutually beneficial and win-win strategy, provide a new blueprint for china-arab cooperation.

Colton said, ningxia is an ancient place, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural blend mutually since ancient times. Open China made open in ningxia, the reform and opening-up, ningxia to play "open CARDS", "open road", glow the vitality. At the national strategy of "area", ningxia historic to stand in the forefront of the open. Xi jinping, the Arab league headquarters, chairman of the speech pointed out that the china-arab fair has become a important platform of china-arab build "neighbourhood" all the way. In jinping chairman and the testimony of the king of Saudi Arabia salman, we have established in Saudi Arabia with Saudi jazan economic city "in the sand industrial park". We also with Oman signed a cooperation agreement, the construction of Oman du gum "industrial park" in China, two park construction, not only will have a significant lead role in ningxia was open to the public, and build a new carrier for the china-arab cooperation.

Colton said, empty sea, tolerance is a great. Ningxia is one of China's ningxia, is the world of ningxia, we must to the seminar as an opportunity, in a more open mind, more tolerant attitude, more wide field of vision with the rest of the world sharing, promote construction of "area". We welcome enterprises from all over the world, the merchants into the ningxia, experience the hospitality of the people in ningxia, ningxia taste of the wine, enjoy the ningxia food, appreciate the scenery of ningxia.

Autonomous region chairman nini emphatically introduce the ningxia "livable, appropriate, appropriate, appropriate, appropriate and" the five characteristics. , she says, is the development of the western region in ningxia, big open, a piece of land development, we sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to the ningxia tourism, investment, and exchanges and cooperation. We are willing to join hands with you to create a better tomorrow.

Ambassador to Cambodia, kay momo to speak on behalf of the diplomatic corps. She thanked the ministry of foreign affairs initiative of the promotional activity, appreciates the ningxia in promoting economic development, national harmony's achievements, and hopes to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with ningxia.

The leaders and foreign envoys also visited the "ningxia advantageous products exhibition". Pitches also held all the way "' area '- connect with the world" ningxia roundtable discussion, the guests are "in" the current progress, the advantage and potential of the ningxia to participate in the "area", China and the Middle East and Eurasia docking cooperation and other issues to discuss.

Autonomous region vice-president Wang Heshan, assistant foreign minister Li Huilai to attend the meeting. 158 diplomatic envoys, 91 countries and 5 international organizations in China on behalf of and business representatives, the Chinese and foreign experts and scholars, and journalists and more than 500 people attended the promotional activities.